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Mod Divine

[04-26-10] Theatre of Blood is HERE!

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Theatre of Blood
The Theatre of Blood is a linear raid. Thus, there is no randomization involved, and the bosses will always be encountered in this order.
The Maximum party size for Raids is 1-5. (The first 5 players to enter the Lobby will be put into a party and so on for now.)

  1.     The Maiden of Sugadinti (level-940)
  2.     Pestilent Bloat (level-870)
  3.     Nylocas Vasilias (level-800)
  4.     Sotetseg (level-995)
  5.     Xarpus (level-960)
  6.     Verzik Vitur (level-1040, final boss)




  • Upon defeating Verzik Vitur, a trapdoor will open under her throne, leading to her treasure vault.
    A Chest will spawn for players to receive their loot. Throughout the Raid players will obtain points.
    The more points a player has by the end of the raid, the better their chances for higher tier rewards.



  • Dying in the Theatre of Blood is a safe death (players will NOT lose items) - Hardcore Ironmen who die within the theatre WILL lose their Hardcore status, regardless of whether the team successfully completes the challenges or not.
  • As your team dies, players are sent to a lobby area to await the next fight.
  • If the Whole team dies, players will respawn outside of the Raid, losing the fight.

Despite some of the bosses being spiders, vampyres and dark beasts, they will not count towards a Slayer assignment when killed inside the Theatre; thus, the slayer helmet and black mask bonuses have no effect.
You may want to read up on the OSRS Wiki as it is VERY Similar minus a few Mechanics to make it slightly easier for you guys

Justiciar armor trim God dyes have been added (Zamorak, Guthix, Saradomin, Ancient, Bandos & Armadyl)
 Each Dye will provide a +1 prayer bonus over the untrimmed Justiciar armor pieces and recolor your justiciar armor trim
 You can purchase these Dyes for 5 Tokens each from the Donator shop
 1 Dye per piece, 3 Dyes to recolor the full set

Donator Updates

  • 4 recolored Lava partyhats and 4 Recolored Infernal partyhats have been added to the donator cosmetic shop
  • The Rainbow spirit shield has been added to the Donator shop
  • Donators who continue to donate beyond $1,000 (the final donator rank) you will receive a 2% Droprate increase for every $50 you have spent beyond $1,000
  • 24 new scrolls have been created to give Bonus XP to players ranging from 25-200% boosts for 10 minutes to 120 minutes. You can purchase these scrolls from the Perks section of the Donator shop
  • Death touch darts have been added for 2 Tokens each from the Perks section of the Donator shop. Darts will instantly kill any monster up to 5,000 health (Excluding 1 hitting Event Bosses but still dealing massive damage and cutting kill time down by a lot)

Other Updates

  • The infernal bow ID has been fixed from the event boss drops
  • An issue has been addressed and fixed causing several problems after the previous update


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great updates as usual 🙂


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Great work dev team ! I can't wait to do this with all of you !

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love all of it except the dye for the justiciar. maybe add it ingame somewhere that has dead content. thus making it worthwhile to do again (pest control but like a lot of points to get as just an example) and if you were to put it in pest control ti would make the "double" pest control points event way more worth it. as well as new players have a higher chance to being able to find a pest control game. but again. justiciar an example 😉


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