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Mod Divine

[04-28-19] Theatre of Blood fixes, Divine SS effect and more

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Theatre of Blood

  •  A timer for the Theatre of Blood has been added in
  •  Players will now receive kill count capes at 10, 25, 50, 100 and 250 completions
  •  Several patches have been added to the Theatre of blood (Thank you to everyone who reported issues!)
  •  Verzik will no longer face a player when moving between phase 1 and phase 2
  •  The range and magic attacks for Verziks spider phase will now attack all players in the room rather than just it's target
  •  Xarpus will no longer spawn too many poison pool and disconnect players
  •  Sotetseg will no longer attack outside of his boundary



  • Donators who have donated above $1,000+ will now have their droprate boosted by 2% for every $50 they have donated beyond $1,000

Other Updates

  • The Special attack bar has been removed on the Twisted crossbow (it was not suppose to be there)
  • The divine Spirit shield will now block 30% of damage at the cost of Prayer points
  • Gfx have been added to the Divine & Elysian Spirit shield when a player his hit while wearing them
  • Varrock armor now displays properly when wearing it (you wont see yoour default arms through it)
  • Theatre of Blood now has its own teleport in the Minigames section of the Teleport interface
  • Olm and Verzik npcs have been added to the Teleport Interface
  • The Easter event has come to an End
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