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Mod Divine

[04-29-19] random rewards, justiciar boots + gloves & deathtouch darts!

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Bug Fixes

  • Randomly dropped rewards such as the Infernal key pieces now drop again
  • The divine spirit shields prayer drain has been temporarily disabled. This will be re-enabled once it is fixed.
  • Monster drops have been fixed for the Dragon fishing rod
  • The Chinchompa combat interface has been fixed
  • The proper Combat Interface for Rapiers has been added
  • Fixed drop rates for donators who have spent $1000+

What's new:

  • Players can now get Justiciar boots and Gloves from the Theatre of Blood
  • Deathtouch darts have been finished and added to the Donator shop for 1 Token each
  • Bonus XP scrolls have been finished. currently only been added to the Blood pack but will be added to several places in-game.

Coming up:

  • Tomorrow a new boss well be added in-game. this boss will include some drops to upgrade your Elite armor into Void Champions armor + the Korasi, complete with a special attack!
  • Within the next while we will also see some other bosses and things such as Shooting stars and much more!
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Can't wait to use my death darts.

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