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Mod Divine

HCIM Event #2 - 130M in OS Gold to be won!

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HCIM Event

  • Beginning date: Sunday, May 5th 1:00 PM EST


- Goal -

  • Players will be competing against each other to be the first HCIM's to max an account.
  • The first 10 players to Max will be rewarded!


- Prizes -
First 10 to Max


1st place :
50M OSRS + 10x Deathtouch Darts


2nd place :
30M OSRS + 10x Deathtouch darts


3rd place :
20M OSRS + 10x Deathtouch darts

4th to 10th :
5M OSRS + 5x Deathtouch darts

*If you do not want the OSRS gold you can exchange it for the equivalent Donator Tokens on Valius!*


- How to Join -

  •  Create a new account with "HCE" in front of your desired name. You will not be entered into the event unless this is done! (Ex. "HCE Divine")
  • Make sure your account is on EXTREME experience mode.
  •  Respond to this thread with the username that you will be using for this event.
  • (You do not need to create a new account on the forums!)


- Rules -

  • Any form of cheating or bug abusing will result in a disqualification from the event.
  • MUST have "HC" in front of your username or you will not be entered.
  • The event will START on May 5th. Any account created before this date will NOT be valid to enter.
  • You only have one life, be careful!

    *If you would like the Prefix (HCE) removed from your name after the event, Mod Divine know!*

Goodluck everyone!

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Good luck to everyone participating and may the best grinder win. 

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