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Mod Divine

[05-04-19] Korasi special attack, Hydra slayer helmet and some fixes

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Void Knight Champion

  • Items will no longer be lost at the Void Knight Champion.
  • The Void knight champion has received some damage reductions.
  • The void knight champion will no longer use his special attack (red orb) when you are close to him.

 What's new

  • Some of the new weapons have been added to the skill interfaces.
  • The Alchemical Hydra now drops Hydra heads.
  • Hydra heads can now be used on a Slayer Helmet to create the Hydra Slayer Helmet and on the Slayer helmet (i) to create the Hydra Slayer Helmet (i).
  • The Korasi now requires 78 attack and 10 defence to wear.
  • The Korasi's Special attack has been added.
  •  The Korasi's special will hit 50% extra damage and be 50% more accurate when using the special attack.
  •  The Korasi's special attack will hit twice, the first hit will hit 50% more dmg and accurately and the second will hit up to 30 dmg.


Price Changes

  • Prices & Alch prices for godwars items have been raised by a large amount in order to allow them to sell for more Gold.

 Original prices: 200k-400k.
 Changed to: 5M - 125M depending on the piece.
 (includes bandos pieces, zamorak spears, zamorak hastas, armadyl pieces, godsword shards(2.5m ea), Saradomin swords, armadyl crossbows & staff of the dead.)
 other items:
 Dragon boots are now set to 1M


  • Death touch darts will now 100% kill higher HP bosses with less than 5,000 HP
  • Players will now receive a pet beaver instead of an Egg from the Easter event while Woodcutting.
  • Virtus stats have been adjusted(raised).
  • The lunar ring and Binding necklace have been removed from the raid mbox (useless items) so if you have them, enjoy!

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I guess i know what I'm grinding for next. Great update as usual.

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