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Mod Divine

[05-08-19] New starter gear & home changes + fixes

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 What's new

  • The starter has been redone. a new set of armor that players can upgrade has been added in. in order for players to upgrade this armor, they must first reach 1000 total level then talk to Clarkeh [Valius Armor Upgrader] at the home area



  •  Stats for the Tier 1 are similar to adamant with a boosted strength and prayer bonus


  •  Stats for the Tier 2 are similar to Rune with a boosted strength and prayer bonus


  • A new box has been added to the starter giving players 1 of 5 new custom pets


  • Players will now receive 1,000,000 gold from their starters
  • the correct combat interface has been added to the starter staff


  • Pet tokens have been added to the Donator shop
  • The Avernic defender is no longer tradeable and will be sent to the players bank upon death
  • Players now have a chance to receive Mystery boxes and bloodmoney from all monsters excluding cows & chickens (1:1000 for a Mbox, 1:100 for bloodmoney)


  • Boots of stone will now equip to the correct slot
  • Players will no longer be bumped back into the tree while fighting the Void Knight Champion
  • You can no longer click the cross to respawn the Void Knight Champion while he is alive
  • Creation for the Odium ward and Malediction ward is now possible
  • Ancient magic teleports have been fixed
  • For players who have donated over $1,000 you will receive a 1% droprate boost for every $50 above you spent, capping at 20% extra bonus


  • Tele to gharock diary can now be finished
  • buying barrows gloves in lumbridge diary can now be finished

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I absolutely love this update! The concept of upgrading your armor as your progress is a great idea. It reminds me of heirloom items on W.o.W where they level with you. Excited to see how it works out! Super happy that registered players receive the pet as well so they don't miss out on the action! Well done team!

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