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Mod Divine

[05-13-19] Some Fixes

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  • The logout message has been changed to fit properly within the box.
  • You will now be able to open the Super Potion sets purchased from the PKP shop
  • Prices for godwars items have been fixed (selling + Alch value)
  • Death touch darts will now work 100% on all monsters minus the Abyssal Sire. All lost DTD's will be refunded! PM mod divine

 What's new

  • XP Scrolls for 30 Mins of 75% bonus XP have been added to Daily rewards for each day
  • Damage for the Infernal Bow has been Raised
  • Druidic robes have been added to the donator shop
  • The Infernal bow has been Buffed

    HUGE Event with 50+ Rewards and chances to win! Check out this thread below to learn more and when it begins!

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I love how the XP bonuses are rewarded every day! Helps players get back into the grind for that day having that little bonus incentive! Great patch!

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