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Mod Divine

[06-01-19] Crystal chest changes and some fixes

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Update Event: The first 6 players (1 per person) to receive a Mystery Box from a Crystal chest will receive:
1x Infernal Keys


What's New

  • Players will now have a 1:10 chance to receive a Valius Mbox when voting along with their double vote points
  • Droprates for very rare items from event bosses have been raised from 1% to 2%

 Crystal Chest Changes

  • Players now have a 1:50 chance to receive a Mystery box when opening a Crystal chest
  • Saradomin, Zamorak and Guthix d'hides have been added to the crystal chest rewards
  • Chances of receiving a party hat from the crystal chest has been increased
    (More will be added soon)

  Bug Fixes

  • The boots of stone will now go to the proper slot when wearing them
  • The ancient book will now go to the proper slot when wearing it
  • The amulet of torture and amulet of torture (or) stats have been fixed

We have some plans on some new armors and items to be released in tomorrows update so make sure to check that out!
(Some of these may not be the final product and are still in the works. ie: Tetsu's texture is currently just a test)

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