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Mod Divine

[06-04-19] In-Game Limited Time shopkeeper + MORE!

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What's new

  • players can now use ' in the droptable to search for items such as the Rune c'bow
  • Dialogue has been added to the Donator npc when talking to him + the trade option has been fixed
  • The login screen background has been changed to theatre of blood


Limited Time Shops

  • A new Shop has been added to the home area, the Limited Time Shopkeeper can be found next to the Donation store
  • This shopkeeper will sell items for Donator tokens and once the items are removed from his shop, they will never
    return in-game again!
  • The Limited Time Shopkeeper now has a shop that he will sell Limited time items for in-game GOLD!
  • Once items are removed from this shop, they will no longer be available in-game every again.
  • Items in this shop will stay for 2x as long as items in the Donator token shop
  • The Cursed Pack items have been added to the Limited Time Donator shop (Expired June 10th)
  • The Bleeding broadside sword has been added to the Limited Time gold coin shop (Expires June 17th)


Blood broadside sword

  • Bleeding Broadsider sword will have a 1:5 chance to cause bleeding damage which will case 3-8 damage for 5 hits after the bleeding begins

Stunning Katagon armor + Stunning Hammer

  •  This armor has a 1:10 chance to stun the enemy for 3 to 5 second when wearing the full set.
  •  The set also has the defensive stats of Torags but only requires 65 defence to wear
  •  Players can purchase this armor in the bloodmoney shop



Cursed items

  • A cursed monster will take damage over time (random times between 3-15 seconds)
  •  Cursed twisted bow
  •   Will curse a Monster for 5 to 10 damage and hit 3 to 6 times before fading.
  •  Cursed Grotesque:
  •   Will curse a monster for 3-8 damage and hit 2 to 5 times depending on the amount of armor worn
  •   Depending on the amount of armor pieces worn, will determine the chances a monster will be cursed and for how long
  •   1 = 1:10 chance to curse a monster for 2 to 3 hits before fading
  •   2 = 1:9 chance to curse a monster for 2 to 4 hits before fading
  •   3 = 1:8 chance to curse a monster for 3 to 5 hits before fading



Bug Fixes

  • The Justiciar sword damage has been raised slightly
  • The infernal warhammer dmg output has been lowered by 25%
  • The Infernal chest pet has been fixed and now gives the correct item id
  • The Torva platelegs model red texture has been removed and replaced with the proper texture
  • The Pernix coif rs3 face has been removed from the model
  • The nurse coordinates for the ::dz have been fixed
  • The TokHaar has had a makeover
  • The odd arm models on the start platebody has been fixed
  • Pernix bonuses have been adjusted to be above morrigans

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Damn great updates can't wait to aquire all the news items 🙂

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Wow these updates mane, they do look amazing

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