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[06-12-19] New drops for sire and Corp

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Update Mini-Event:
The First 3 players to receive one of the new weapons from the Abyssal sire will receive:
3x Infernal Keys

The first player to receive the Boogie bow drop from Corp will receive:
4x Infernal Keys


What's new

  • Chaotic weapon positions have been fixed and are now in the players hands when wearing them
  • The Abyssal Dagger has been added the the Abyssal sires drops
  • The barrows achievement requirements have been lowered to 10, 30 and 50 from 100, 300 and 500
  • Rewards for completing achievements have been raised. easy = 1m coins from 50k, medium = 2.5m coins from 250k and hard = 5-25m coins depending on the achievement

Limited time Donator shop

  • The Cursed set and bow have been replaced with the Blood Obliteration and Blood boogie bow.
  • These weapons have the same effects as their original items but have a healing perk along with them!



 Boogie Bow

  •  The Boogie Bow is dropped by the Corperal Beast (Hint: new weapons do bonus dmg towards Corp!)
  • Boogie Bow is a Teir 82 Ranged weapon requiring 82 Range to equipped. It shoots 2 consecutive arrows, the second arrow dealing 50% damage.
  • Special Attack: When activating the special attack, the Boogie bow quickly shoots 4x arrows (2 shots of 2 arrows). The first 2 shots deal 100% damage while the second 2 shots deal 50% damage.
  • The special attack will require 50% of your special attack bar
  • The Boogie bows maximum hit with NO armor is: 45 (30 and 15) and 90 with the special attack (30 + 30 and 15 + 15)


 Abyssal Sire

  • 3 new Tier 78 weapons have been added to the Abyssal Sires drops:
  • Special Ability: 1:8 chance to go Berserk which causes the player to gain a 50% damage and accuracy boost for up to 5 hits in a row when fighting Demons
    (ie: Kril, Skotizo, Abyssal Demons, Sire, Corp beast)
  • Annihilation
    Requires 78 Attack and Strength to Equipped
    Without Armor - max hit: 51 | While fighting demons + Berserk is active: 76
  • Decimation
    Requires 78 Range and Strength to Equipped
    Without Armor - max hit: 49 | While fighting demons + Berserk is active: 74
  • Obliteration
    Requires 78 Magic and Defence to Equipped
    Without Armor - max hit: 30 | While fighting demons + Berserk is active: 45


 Bug fixes

  •  dragon arrow projectiles have been set to the correct projectile
  • The Celestial staff of light can now autocast ancients
  • Stats have been adjusted for several staffs(Dominion staff < Chaotic staff < infernal staff)
  • The logout timer after being in combat has been properly set to 10 seconds
  • repacked the Zamorak godbow model

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Damn very nice updates can't wait to start the grind for these things.

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