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Official Discord Referral Giveaway [$175 Prizes!]

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Official Valius Discord Referral Giveaway!

Sponsered by Burgz/Mod Divine



The Giveaway



The idea of this giveaway is to grow our community of Valius while rewarding our players with prizes. The prize will amount up to $175 USD and will be spreaded out between players who place first, second, and third place. The staff team has implemented a discord bot that is able to track how many people a certain player has invited into our discord. We will be using this bot to determine our winners. Ranks will be given out within the discord showing how many you have invited to our community. Each rank will have a reward depending on the number of invites. Even if you think you will not get 1st place, there are lower tier rewards handed out if you just participate!


1ST Place (most invites) - 100$ Pre-Paid credit card / In game credit

2ND Place - 50$ Pre-Paid credit card / In game credit

3RD Place - 25$ Pre-Paid credit card / In game credit


Discord Rank Prizes

Master advertiser (100 invites) - 50$ Valius Bond + 3 OSRS Bonds + 30m OSRS coins

Loyal advertiser (75 invites) - 40$ Valius Bond + 2 OSRS Bonds

Rune advertiser (50 invites) - 30$ Valius Bond + OSRS Bond

Adamant advertiser (40 invites) - 20m OSRS coins

Mithril advertiser (30 invites) - 15$ Valius Bond + 2 Donator mystery box

Black advertiser (20 invites) - 15m OSRS gp

Steel advertiser (15 invites) - 2 Donator mystery box + Donator rank

Iron advertiser (10 invites) - 250 Valius Bucks + Donator mystery box

Bronze advertiser (3 invites) - 100 Valius Bucks


How to join?

  1. Join our discord! Link: https://discord.gg/KTHn75V
  2. Create an invite to send to your friends. MAKE SURE TO USE A PERMANENT INVITE


     3. Once you have generated a link, copy the link and send it to your friends! The discord bot will automatically keep track of how many people join our discord through your link.

     4. To keep track of how many players you have invited, go to the #bots channel and type !leaderboard

     5. The bot will automatically rank you based on how many people have used your link. The staff team will hand out prizes at the end of the event.



 - Do not spam other discords -

- Only advertise links in areas that allow it -

- Please advertise in areas related to Runescape private servers -

- If we receive a complaint about you spamming the link, you are automatically dqed from the giveaway -


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