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[07-19-19] Superior Tbow + Ice Strykewyrms

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Update Mini Event:
The first 2 players to receive a pet from any Strykewyrm will receive:
10x Donator Tokens + 2x Infernal Keys

What's new

  • 2 Custom pet tokens have been claimed and the pets have been finished for: Darren & Life Hax
  • Players will now receive a Valius Mystery Box when hitting a double vote reward (1:10 chance)
  • The Scythe of vitur has received a 30% buff to overall damage dealt
  • Players will now do 50% more damage vs Strykewyrms with the Strykebow and staff of darkness
  • The list of commands in ::commands has been changed
  • Type ::Mobile to quickly navigate to the guide on how to play Valius on any mobile device!
  • Type ::StarterGuide to quickly navigate to the starter guide
  • A new Trading post model has been added to the home area near the Home portal
  • "Stick" (An cosmetic npc cape) has been added to the donator cosmetics shop

  Ice StrykeWyrms

  • Ice strykewyrms have been added ingame
  • These are a new slayer monster similar to the wildy strykewyrm but these are located outside of the wilderness


  New Limited time item (until July 28th):
 Frostbite twisted bow

  • This bow will also be obtainable in-game by purchasing a Perk box from the Donator stores perk shop and using it on a twisted bow
  • This bow hits the same as a twisted bow but has a Frostbite perk
  • This perk can stack the freeze timer if it goes off before the previous perk ended
  • The frostbite perk has a 20% (1:5) chance to hit and will freeze a monster for 6-12 seconds, also dealing frostbite damage equivelent to the amount of time the monster is frozen


  Stunning Broadsider sword

  • The stunning Broadsider sword is a limited item only available in the Donator limited time shop. it will be available until July 28th
  • The sword will stun a monster for 3-6 seconds and also cause stun damage depending on the amount of time the player is stunned for


 Superior twisted bow

  • Players can now obtain a Twisted bow upgrade kit to upgrade thier twisted bow into a Superior twisted bow
  • This kit can be found in Raids 1 or the donator store Perks shop
  • The superior twisted bow provides 10% more damage compared to the twisted bow + a cosmetic change to the bow


  • The icons in front of categories has been set to the Valius navicon + the new logo has been set

   Bug fixes

  • Fixed the Styrkewyrm bow attack distance
  • Players can now enter the city at Neitiznot again
  • The Bleeding broadsider swords bleeding damage will now count as player damage
  • The Tekton sword burning damage now counts as player damage
  • The teleport interface will now let players know if an area is wilderness or not properly

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Great updates! But..


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Awesome Updates as usual!! Very interested to see some of these new items in game 😬

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