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Daddy's Suggestion/Fix List

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This will be continously updated as I think of more things/things are fixed.

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Table of Index:



     ↳ UIM Donator Perk


     ↳ Corporeal Beast

     ↳ Ice Strykewyrms

     ↳ Slayer Store

     ↳ Blood Money Shop

     ↳ Armours

     ↳ Weaponry

     ↳ Item Suggestions


     ↳ 120/200m Skill Capes

     ↳ Mining

     ↳ Hunter




- Void Knight Champion pet is spelled Void Knight Chamption

-::kitclaim Youtuber (refreshes 7 days from last use)


Image result for money signDonatingImage result for money sign

-maybe swap "examine" options on boxes in the donator shop to list out the items that're in the loot table for that individual box so that people know what they are purchasing


Image result for ultimate ironman helmet rsUIM Donator PerkImage result for ultimate ironman helmet rs

This is an idea I had to make sure that UIM accounts that happen to donate $100+ don't miss out on any perks that other people would typically receive. The biggest part of this amount being donated would be receiving access to the ::bank command in my personal opinion. Now with ::bank, obviously UIM players cannot access any form of bank so they'd just be out of an additional perk for donating this amount! I threw together a mock example of a new command that could be added to this donation tier.


UIM accounts, just like all other account types, can only unnote already noted items by clicking the noted item and "using" them on a bank stall. That's the only form of interaction that a UIM has with a bank in any way, shape, or form. So the ::bank command is totally worthless to players who are UIM!

The addition of the ::unnote command would do exactly as it implies. It would be a method of remotely unnoting items without use of a bank stall. Similar to how ::bank is just remotely accessing your bank!

You'd type ::unnote into the chat box and it causes a prompt to show up that only displays noted items that are in your inventory. 




From this point, you'd left click whichever item you wanted to unnote. Once you did just that, you'd get this screen asking you how many you'd like to unnote just like you were at a bank stall unnoting something!






Corporeal Beast.pngCorporeal BeastCorporeal Beast.png

The Private Portal at Corporeal Beast doesn't function at all.




latest?cb=20111205213842Ice Strykewyrmslatest?cb=20111205213842

-add staff of light to their drop table as a very rare item (1/512 maybe)✔️✔️✔️✔️

-fire cape/inferno cape required to do damage to them✔️✔️✔️✔️

-spend 2,000 slayer points to unlock the ability to kill them without the capes✔️✔️✔️✔️

-fire spells do addt'l damage (maybe even make melee/range do .5 dmg to entice use of magic)✔️✔️✔️✔️


Image result for slayer osrsSlayer StoreImage result for slayer osrs  (message me in-game with other suggestions for this store, i'll add it if i agree with it)



1) Herb Box. ✔️✔️✔️✔️

The herb box would provide a nice alternative herb supply for ironmen that isn't raids. Not everyone will have the friend groups or schedule to participate in some of our raid masses. Especially with the lack of items to buy, you'll eventually just run out of things to spend slayer points on. (this would primarily provide mid-level herbs, with a smaller chance to provide low level & high level herbs, I could make up a list of what i would define low/mid/high level)

2) Broad Arrowheads.✔️✔️✔️✔️

Broad bolts are already in the shop, why not add broad arrows? Early/Mid game ironmen have almost NO supply of arrows/bolts unless they get lucky with some drops. With things like the magic shortbow fairly accessible, it only makes sense to have a decent source of ammo available too. (ammo that isn't dragon arrows)

3) Expeditious Bracelet.

Bracelet that provides a 25% chance for a killed monsters to count as x2 kills towards your slayer task. Again in the mindset of, we have the bracelet of slaughter, why not have this too? This would be so nice for those long tasks that can't be barraged or is a boss task if you're farming points. It's not gamebreaking or anything, and I just don't see any reason to not have it in-game. 

-insert side request to have the bracelet of slaughter work as intended as well-

4) Infernal Urn.

Infernal Urn could be put into the shop for the same price as the bonecrusher (180pts), and it would work the same way except for ashes and maybe it could possible give Herblore XP instead? (Just an idea) Could be a nice way to passively train Herblore slowly! 


Image result for blood money runescapeBlood Money ShopImage result for blood money runescape



Every sane player...

*ahem* Most players on the server can agree that there's a large issue with the blood money shop currently and I believe we've found a half decent compromise.

Pictured above is my revamped blood money shop, which will *possibly* have updates in the future. My idea for blood money is to make it useful in the long term without breaking the game like it currently does with the PVP armours and weapons.

You'll recognize a few of these items such as cannonballs, Morrigan's ammo, the Dominion Tower gloves and the Ring of Wealth Imbue Scroll, but there's a reason for that. I don't consider any of these majorly gamebreaking without a fix.

Firstly, notepaper. Notepaper (we could recolour to red and call it Blood paper) would provide a nice (blood) money sink into the game that'd allow people to who don't have access to ::bank, to be able to note a set amount of items based off how many notepaper they have in their inventory. [200 bm/ea]

Secondly, Dominion Tower gloves. I'm not overly opposed to having these in the shop, but they definitely need a price increase to 50-75k blood money if they stay in the picture. Otherwise, move them to PvM shop for 5k points or something of that nature.

ALRIGHT. Onto my custom ideas that will hopefully resolve people's issues with me wanting PvP armours and weapons removed!

Valius Armour Boxes.

A combination between getting rid of the PvP gear and barrows from all shops. People will be more inclined to go to barrows if we remove that, making that not-dead content. People will be more inclined to go to Revs if we remove PvP armour and weapons.

35k Blood Money gets you one box. It rolls like a Valius Mystery Box but only has a chance at rune, dragon, proselyte, femmy helms, mystic, infinity, god d'hides, barrows armour and lastly, pvp armours. Obviously with a lower chance to get the higher tier armours.

Valius Gem Box

Another loot box idea where for 10k blood money, you'll get a random assortment of gems. Extremely useful from the ironman perspective, since the only methods we have to train crafting at the moment is glass blowing and gem cutting. Plus, there could be a .1% or whatever chance to geta Zenyte to entice mains to also get them! 

Advanced Gold Accumulator

This item would be an awesome addition to the server!!! Picking up gold is a nuisance and for the low low price of 1,000,000 blood money, this item could be yours!!! (could even make it auto pick up blood money too!)


Image result for torva platebodyArmoursImage result for torva platebody

This is a big one. I honestly feel that armours in Valius are very unbalanced and just totally wrong in their bonuses/etc since the addition of other armours.

Disclaimer: Before I get into it, yes, I'm aware primal is t99 in runescape. However it is not t99 in Valius. Primal is never compared to Nex armours in Runescape as one is restricted to Dungeoneering only and since there is no Dungeoneering in Valius, it needs to be approached as in a different manner.

-Primal gets nerfed to t75 stats, as it only requires 75 defence to wear. Remove the huge str bonus from each piece and change it so that the full set gives similar and maybe slightly better stats than full bandos.✔️✔️✔️✔️

People have told me that virtus and pernix are BiS (best in slot) for their respective combat style so I think that torva should be as well. Nobody is inclined to go and get torva from Trials of Xeric because of Primal armour. Primal is too easy for the stats that it gives and makes other items dead content and thus there's no diversity.

-All PVP armours should be removed from the Blood Money shop. It takes away a lot of the grind and allows people to totally skip grinds like bandos or armadyl for those mid-level armours. (I just think that there would be more longevity to the game if you didn't zoom from start gear to almost BiS PVP gear.✔️✔️✔️✔️


-200m Range Cape should have Ava's effect

-Make Slayer Helm/Slayer Helm(i) be able to check kill count left for a task while in your inventory.



-Staff of Darkness should be able to autocast ancient spells.✔️✔️✔️✔️

-Manually casting the infernal staff has a likely chance to cause a minor crash that'll relog you.


Image result for looting bagItem SuggestionsImage result for looting bag

-Coloured Rune Pouches that can hold different runes simultaneously (cannot enter Wildy with more than 1 for balance) would be nice just for quick gearing when swapping bosses. 

ex: have blood barrage runes in one rune pouch and crumble undead runes in another



-Lower Theatre of Blood combat requirement to 85, so that pures can participate!!





120/200m Skill Capes

200m capes right now are just the 120 capes from Runescape 3, a long term project I had was to swap 200m capes for this design I found for max cape type skill capes for mastering each skill. They'd each have their own perks, (which we're currently working on in collaboration with Goomy!) and then change the requirement for the current 200m capes to be just the normal 104m (level 120)

Image result for skilling maxcape

Mining.png?a9e26 MiningMining.png?a9e26

-If you have multiple stargaze boxes, and receive a XP scroll you have to relog to roll the next stargaze box✔️✔️✔️✔️



Image result for hunter  osrsHunterImage result for hunter  osrs


-Have Crimson Swifts at the entrance to the hunter area, this is the level 1 bird that you start training hunter with so having these be the first thing you see only makes sense.



Farming cape detail.pngFarmingFarming cape detail.png

-When going for the Farming Achievement of picking 600 herbs, it only counts the first herb!! I'd like to see this changed to maybe a slightly higher number but then count every herb you pick


Updates 7/22:

-Crimson Swifts to Hunter teleport

-Corp private portal

-Supplied video of Stargaze box glitch

-added weaponry section due to issues with staff of darkness and infernal staff

-added item section

-coloured rune pouch suggestion

Updates 7/24:

-added infernal urn

-added blood money shop rework

Updates 7/26 & 7/27

-range cape issue

-ToB level req

~200m cape rework

~Slayer Helms fix

Updates 8/4

-Farming Achievement 

Update 8/11

-UIM Donator Perk


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Just now, Hunter said:

Everything you have mentioned I agree 1000% 

Glad to hear that someone understands. I'd even be willing to draw up stats for things to make sure it's all balanced if Divine is too busy, just gotta know if he wants that or not! haha

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1 minute ago, Darren said:

I support! 👍

Thank you for your support! 😄

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Its exciting to see our community coming together for the better, nothing but support!!

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5 hours ago, JayCorr said:

Its exciting to see our community coming together for the better, nothing but support!!

We stan a community that cares about the game they play together

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