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Barrows Update

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783410295_Barrowsupdate1.png.2ea218b02435bb338e0850deda15c28a.png      BARROWS UPDATE      138821255_Barrowsupdate2.png.df9b11307c03ebbdaf40b105edf19c6a.png




-This suggestion will influence the Barrows Minigame as well as the PVM Shop-


The Barrow's minigame is basically dead content right now. The only time I ever see anyone around Barrows is because Tarn or Bandos are nearby, which is actually kind of sad for such an old styled and dangerous minigame to just die out. There are some possible ways to fix this and my suggestion would be to Completely Remove ALL Barrows Items from the PVM Shop.


This removal alone would actually make receiving Barrows items from not only the Barrows Chest, but from Mystery boxes and more, much more rewarding as they would be rarer than they currently are. With having Barrows equipment in the PVM shop, you can literally kill 300-500 chickens for a Barrows item.. which to me, is sort've too easy for good equipment like this. It completely loses its value. Some of the chest rewards other than Barrows equipment should be updated as well.


Along with the removal of Barrows equipment from the PVM Shop, it would have to be replaced by some kind of equipment that would be fit for newer players such as a Full Dragon set, or even the basic Void set for a decent price.

(Void set in Boss Points Shop could be upped to the Elite set for a higher price, not low enough to ruin the point of gaining PC points required to upgrade normal set though)


With that removal, the Barrows Minigame itself would need a rework as well to keep players interested in it, not a lot of players are going to want to go do Barrows runs for the Hell of it knowing they already have all of the rewards possible. A solution to that would be to add Enchanted Barrows Equipment at a much rarer rate than the standard Barrows items. Every Barrows item would have a 2nd version of itself recolored to match the Barrows Sword along with unique bonuses for them to go in hand with the Barrows Minigame.


The Enchanted Barrows sets I'd suggest would look something like, if not exactly identical to the actual Barrows Brothers, like this:



Some of the set bonuses could be:

Full Enchanted Barrows set would have a 25% damage bonus against the Barrows Brothers

Full Enchanted Barrows set along with Amulet of the Damned would have a 50% damage bonus against the Barrows Brothers

Full Enchanted Barrows set along with the Amulet of the Damned and the Barrows Sword would have a 75% damage bonus against the Barrows Brothers

(This would limit the 75% damage bonus to melee sets only, which could easily be fixed with the addition of a Barrows Bow, and a Barrows Staff)


The point of these bonuses would be to make best in slot gear for one specific area and to actually reward players with good equipment without taking out the grind completely. This would really bring the Barrows Minigame back to life as right now it is completely dead unless an Achievement diary forces someone to go there.



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I can support this. would bring my barrows grind more excitement when getting an enchanted piece to use for pvp!

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