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Elder Chaos Druids

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1426825638_MasterWand2.png.58ed44fd236a9c1d153225d248d72f6d.png      Elder Chaos Druids      919027144_Magesbook2.png.eaf5648a0230497a46b99f3ca1f66af9.png


-Adding Elder Chaos Druids to the server could be an alternative to obtaining Elder Chaos Robes-


-Two separate locations like the two shown above would be an interesting idea-

-This would give two different areas a little more activity-


Rare Drops: 948276220_Chaoshood.png.e759a4a0b605b4f5d673f227091c95bf.png 668056616_Chaosrobetop.png.6b6b4e4a5aec0d52c7a8af7d6c2fb5a4.png 686283011_Chaosrobebottoms.png.f7a1f5cbc09f13de2479f219ff8a2e58.png 722420080_MasterWand.png.0c8d2467c87bb3cbad0768974d7da80b.png 1657262629_Magesbook.png.a26389e373505a7c2267019c358d37be.png 1495634375_eldermaul.png.70242f09bb83ddd0c17b3b9ab1043f44.png

I feel as if these drops would fit very well for Elder Chaos Druids, obviously making Elder Maul much rarer than the other drops.

Adding Elder Chaos Druids to the game would give Pures a new light with a better way to obtain some max bonuses for their levels.

Seeing how a lot of other armors are directed towards mains, I feel this would be a fair suggestion as I've been seeing more Pures lately.

This would also allow other players of the server to have a new way to make some GP.


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would definitely be a cool idea and bringing more players to the wild too.

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