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Mod Divine

[08-04-19] Nightmare Boss + Completionist Cape is here!

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Mini Update Event:
The first 3 players to receive a rare drop (globally announced) from Nightmare will receive:
10x Donator tokens + 1x Infernal Keys

What's new

  • A new trading post object has been placed west of the home teleport
  • Kril will now drop Steam battlestalves as intended
  • Abyssal Sires droprates have been reduces (very rare is now 1:200 rather than 1:300 and rare is 1:75 rather than 1:100)
  • A new type of message has been created for announcing global messages for Pets


  • Nightmare is a new boss that will require a team to defeat. This boss is 100% SAFE meaning players do not lose items when dying here
    He currently has the most HP of any boss with 20,000 HP. Players must deal at least 500 damage to receive a reward
    When Nightmare is defeated, all players attending will receive a Nightmare key to open the Nightmare chest. He will respawn every 5 minutes in the same location and is not considered an Event boss The Nightmare boss has 3 attack types in total. First his main attack is a magic attack that will hit a max of 5 players per attack, randomly changing to 5 new players after each attack. there is a 10% chance that the Nightmare will do a jump attack, dealing massive damage to all players under the boss before jumping back to his original position. You cannot pray against this jumping attack. PLayers are able to dodge this! Once the boss reaches 10,000 Health, he will begin opening rifts under players, causing damage due to the vortex if they do not move.
  • Droprates: Common 50%, Uncommon 49%, Rare 1%
  • While wearing a full set of Ancient armor (from the donator store OR from the Event Boss drops) players will receive a Valius Mystery box
    after each kill similar to the Event Bosses AND Rare drops from Nightmare are increased to 1.5% (50% higher chances) per kill
  • While wearing Grotesque armor, Range damage is increased by 2% per piece (6% total) while fighting Nightmare
  • Players will also receive 5-10 purple sweets per kill
  • Noteable Drops:
    Grotesque armor (Rare)
    Boogie Bow (Rare)
    Master Wand (Uncommon)
    Grotesque frostbite perk (Uncommon)
    Nightmare pet (1:500)


  Completionist Cape

  • Max has set up his Completionist cape challenges and placed a new Cape rack at home.
  • Players can view requirements and claim thier Completionist and Completionist cape (t) here!
  • The Completionist cape also comes with a few Perks:
    Recoloring the cape to any color you wish
    Automatically picks up Arrows
    Positive Stats of an Infernal Cape
    Positive Stats of an Imbued god cape
    Positive Stats of an Accumulator

fdturW6.png fdturW6.png fdturW6.png

  Valius armor T1

  • The Starter armor T1 set has been renamed to the Valius armor T1 set
  • A new set of armor has been created to replace the current Valius armor models with some better looking ones
  • Valius armor will now give players +3 extra Vote tickets when voting while wearing the entire set
  • Provides 1% bonus XP per piece while training any combat related skill (Maximum of 5%).


   Bug fixes

  • Players can now properly pass through the gate on Neitiznot island
  • The Superior twisted bow will now work as intented (10% above the Tbow, 15% while in raids)
  • Morrigans axes and javelins now count as ranged weapons
  • The Bleeding broadsider sword will now do bleeding dmg properly
  • Searing ashes now note properly
  • A bug with death touch darts has been fixed
  • Event bosses will now give the proper trident of the seas for a reward


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Damn amazing updates as usual cant wait to start getting the new armour.

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Awesome Updates! Love all of the fixes and the Team based boss, will definitely bring more players together 😁

Also didn't see the Valius Armor perks coming, really cool and great for new and even old players 👍

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