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Mod Divine

[08-17-19] Zulrah scale exchange + hotfixes

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Mini Update Event:
The first player to Magic Fang from Zulrah will receive:
2x Raid Mystery Boxes & 5x Donator Tokens

The first 3 players to get a piece of Grotesque armor from Nightmare will receive:
2x Raid Mystery Boxes & 5 Donator Tokens

The next 2 player to receive a Black Mask from cave horrors WHILE ON TASK will receive:
1x Infernal Key


What's new

  • Player Defence has been adjusted to feel more like OSRS   
  • Cave horrors have been moved to their actual cave under Mos le' harmless
  • A teleport to the new cave horror location has been added to the Monster teleports

   Zul-areth & Zul-aniel

  • Zul-areth is now in the chappel at the home area and will return players lost items while fighting Zulrah
  • Players can additionally check the fastest time completed and teleport quickly to Zulrah from him
  • Zul-aniel will take Rare Zulrah items off of your hands and exchange them for 20,000 Scale per item

   Bug fixes

  • Players will no longer do random Toxic damage while in combat without a Toxic Weapon
  • Chickens, Cows and Cave Horrors have been fixed and added back in-game
  • Skeletons now have proper stats and can hit players for up to 6 damage dmg
  • Chickens now have proper attack, defence and death animations
  • Ironman players can now access the general supplies shop to buy/sell items
  • Players can now use the Varrock rooftop agility course
  • Tin ore rocks have been added back to the Mine south of the home area

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I know alotttttt of players have been waiting for the ability to dismantle spare zulrah items. Great updates and hot fixes 🙂 

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10/10 fixes, thank u for giving us the zulrah item dismantling 😄

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