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Mod Divine

[08-26-19] Barrows reworked

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Mini Event 1:
The first 3 players to receive a complete set of corrupt barrows will receive:
5x Deathtouch darts + 1x Raids Mystery box

Won by Niyo, Group

Mini Event 2:
[Starting TODAY at 5:00PM EST]
(Check your time zones!)
The first 3 Players to receive a Drop from Revenants will receive:
5x Deathtouch darts + 1x Raids Mystery box
The first player to receive a Cursed box after this time will receive:
5x Deathtouch darts + 2x Infernal Keys

What's new

  • A new Sprite has been added for all donator ranks and their names have been changed to "Sapphire-Zenyte"
  • Revenants, Barrows brothers, Skeletal Wyverns, Cerberus and Fossil island wyverns are now considered "Undead" monsters
  • A new chest has been added to the home area. this chest will take players to the Custom donation page on the forums as well as eventually be used for Pack Keys
  • Infernal weapons have been removed from the Infernal chest and can only be obtained for Enraged Graardor
  • The magic shop will now carry less supplies to incourage players to buy/sell or craft thier own
  • Sharks and Monkfish have been removed from the consumables shops and supply amounts have been lowered
  • The value of all fish has been raised 10x over their current price (alch prices included)
  • Log values have been raised 10x over their current price
  • The value of rune armor, Helm of neitiznot & dragon daggers have been raised 10x

Barrows rework:

  • Barrows items can no longer be purchased from a shop
  • The barrows sword now has a 25% damage boost to all undead and corrupt monsters (1:250 Droprate from barrows)
  • All items have their original armor Perks (example: Dh hitting depending on HP/Str lvl)
  • Cursed Barrows equipment will do 10% Bonus damage to undead or corrupt monsters while wearing the full set

 Cursed Barrows boxes

  • Drop rate: 1/20
  • Players are able to receive 1 of 6 perk boxes(1 for each brother) while playing the barrows minigame
  • Players are able to receive armor drops at the same time as a cursed box drop

 Corrupt Monsters:
-Monsters within Theatre of Blood
-Monsters within Trials of Xeric
-Monsters within Chamber of Xeric
-ALL Wilderness Bosses (excluding KBD)
-Wildy Strykewyrms
-Dark Beasts
-Abyssal Demons
-Abyssal Sire
-Demonic Gorillas

 Upgraded armor stats compared to regular versions:

  • Armors: +2 Defence (Veracs +1 Prayer)
  • Weapons: +5 str for melee based (+10 for dh axe)
  • +5 range bonus for karils crossbow
  • +5 magic bonus for ahrims staff

  Bug fixes

  • The pink colors in some new hair styles have been fixed
  • Proper stats have been added for Moss giants, Hill giants & Ghosts so they will no longer hit only 0s.
  • Alchemical Hydras special attack phase has been fixed
  • Objects within Theatre of blood now work as they should
  • The ring of stone will now equipped to the correct slot
  • The black screen when doing the tutorial has been fixed
  • fixed an issue where the 4th object option would disconnect a player
  • Players can no longer use the gate to enter the edz without the correct rank


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Posted (edited)

close one darren 😛




Edited by niyo

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