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Chaotic Adjustments

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712893181_chaoselementalred.png.f9c037770b70a97541f73aaa97acaf1f.png   CHAOTIC ADJUSTMENTS  270406193_chaoselementalgreen.png.ac31bdb67cc76ba32be33f099d4cd963.png


-Some of the items mentioned in this Suggestion are not currently in game, just suggested-


 I've noticed that Chaotic Equipment isn't really used at all in Valius and it's a shame to see such great content go to waste. A possible way to make players more open to using Chaotic Equipment would be to add a unique perk to every Chaotic item, similar to the Obliteration Staff, Annihilation Mace, and Decimation Bow's perks. 


-Possible GFX for Effects-



1586283982_chaoticrapier.png.754ff15fbcaaac9767d0a910ad6d123a.png 694423706_chaoticlongsword.png.e7f97408f46996d67635f18b72f26558.png 288213441_chaoticmaul.png.3bc509d364264d41aaefe032859e4264.png 2121692585_chaoticcrossbow.png.151acf827f1b32f291f03f8b2def76fd.png 624408476_chaoticstaff.png.6268a8a253e4d109f8ba57abc7e7c759.png

Chaotic Fury: 1:10 chance to go Chaotic and unleash a 50% damage and accuracy boost for up to 3 hits in a row against any type of opponent. 

Weapon Effect: "Your weapon expels a Chaotic Fury on to your opponent.."

-This would effect all Chaotic Weaponry-



Chaotic Force: 1:10 chance to block all types of attacks for up to 3 hits in a row against any type of opponent. 

Shield Effect: "Your shield invigorates a Chaotic Force around you.."

-This would effect the Chaotic Kiteshield-


-I also have a few suggestions for a new way to obtain Chaotic Equipment-


Add all Chaotic Equipment to the Chaos Elemental's Drop Table

Remove all Chaotic Equipment from any other NPC's Drop Table

Add the Chaotic Longsword and the Chaotic Maul to the Donator Shop


-These are only suggestions, feel free to comment any opinions at mind-



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I would like to see this because chaotics,  imo are not an easy item to get, and then when you finally get them their not that good compared a lot of weapons in game now. 

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