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New Slayer Creatures

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 1207739573_MutantSpine.png.cfb6516d6aad76e50e8b7f2980aad5fc.png MUTATED JADINKOS 1156047991_Mutatedwhip3.png.76a81b5b164251922eb66e1440bfdc58.png


-Mutated Jadinkos are Slayer Creatures from Runescape 3-


-Mutated Jadinkos could drop some pretty unique items and I feel like they'd be a nice addition to Slayer Training in Valius along with a pretty uninhabited location to change things up a bit-



In this Suggestion I'm focusing on the 3 Mutated Jadinko variants with custom requirements to allow all players to have a chance at trying them out without having to have a super high Slayer Level.


Mutated Jadinko Baby

-Require Level 75 Slayer to kill-

-Uses Ranged based attacks, has the ability to Snare players-


Drops: Excrescence and Mutated Vines

excercrensecesces.png.79f61e24cedaa488a9417ca9e797c88c.png 663336985_Mutatedvine.png.df4bd7d2f66792af23e9d2f7a15ce10f.png


Mutated Jadinko Guard

-Require Level 85 Slayer to kill-

-Uses Ranged/Melee based attacks, has the ability to Poison players-


Drops: Excrescence, Muted Vines, and Straight Roots

excercrensecesces.png.79f61e24cedaa488a9417ca9e797c88c.png 663336985_Mutatedvine.png.df4bd7d2f66792af23e9d2f7a15ce10f.png 530875511_straightroot.png.748e03cc1ba8d60ce0373d049e69d30e.png


Mutated Jadinko Male

-Require Level 95 Slayer to kill-

-Uses Ranged/Melee based attacks, has the ability to Poison and Disease players, can shut Protection Prayers off-


Drops: Excrescence, Mutated Vines, Straight Roots, and Mutated Spine

excercrensecesces.png.79f61e24cedaa488a9417ca9e797c88c.png 663336985_Mutatedvine.png.df4bd7d2f66792af23e9d2f7a15ce10f.png 530875511_straightroot.png.748e03cc1ba8d60ce0373d049e69d30e.png 1207739573_MutantSpine.png.cfb6516d6aad76e50e8b7f2980aad5fc.png



-All of these unique Mutated Jadinko drops will have a use that can benefit players in multiple ways-


Drop Benefits

Players can use Excrescence and Mutated Vines to create Bolas. Bolas1.png.1042845dd696422f44f1b8e9cf2df72f.png

Bolas are Ranged weapons that can be created from x2 Excrescence and x1 Mutated vine.

Bolas require 75 Ranged to use and have a 50% chance to Snare another Player for up to 10 seconds. (Not NPC's)


Players can use Sagaie Shafts and Mutated Vines to create Sagaies. Sagaie1.png.8fe25f699636d8ee9d13906125f748a6.png

Sagaies are Ranged Weapons that can be created from x5 Sagaie Shafts and x5 Mutated Vines.

To create Sagaie shafts, a player will be required to use Straight Roots on a fire to retrieve Hardened Straight Roots.

Hardened Straight Roots can be Fletched into Sagaie Shafts using a knife.

Sagaies require 80 Ranged to use and have 1:10 chance to Poison another Player. (Not NPC's)


Players can attach a Mutated Spine to an Abyssal Whip to create the Mutated Whip. 1156047991_Mutatedwhip3.png.76a81b5b164251922eb66e1440bfdc58.png

This weapon requires 85 Attack to wield and has a +90 Slash Attack Bonus along with a +90 Strength Bonus.

The Mutated Whip will have the same degradation effects as the Abyssal Tentacle.

This Whip's Special Attack, Plague, Consumes 50% of the player's Special Attack Energy.

Plague uses a gradual Disease Effect that lowers ALL Stats by 25% of the Special Attack Damage done. (Not NPC's)


Example: If a Player hits a 50 while using the Special Attack, the other Player's stats will lower over the next 5 hits by about 12.5 Levels, that's about 2.5 Levels per hit.

(Stats can be restored by using Super Restore Potions or Death)


Created by: Darren


-These are only suggestions, feel free to comment any opinions at mind-


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