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Mod Divine

[10-05-19] The Gauntlet is here!

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What's new

  • The town crier will now announce the latest updates and news and speaking with him will easily take players to the updates page of the website
  • Fog distance has been adjusted so it doesn't display so much on the players screen


  • She can be found to the south west bottom floor tower of the Home castle
  • She offers enchanting and upgrading for all crystal weapons, tools and armor + the blade of saeldor recharging found within The Gauntlet

  The Gauntlet

  • The Gauntlet has been under development for over a month now and it's finally ready to be released!
  • The Gauntlet is a solo minigame in which the player is given a limited amount of time to explore a randomly generated dungeon layout, gather various resources and supplies by
  • skilling and defeating crystalline monsters, all in preparation to defeat the Crystalline Hunllef
  • Players cannot bring any items into The Gauntlet. A deposit box to open the players bank can be found in the Lobby area. ::Bank will also not work within the gauntlet
  • We've put a lot of effort into it, replicating it so it's identical to OSRS making it so Players are able to use OSRS WIKI + Youtube guides to assist as everything you'd find has been added.
  • Droprates for crystal seeds are 1:100 and Droprates for the pet and blade of saeldor are 1:500 (1:1000 on OSRS)
  • 500-1500 bloodmoney will be awarded to the player for successfully completing The Gauntlet
  • Players can teleport to the newly redone City of Prifddinas (City of the elves) using the Teleport Platform in the center of the Lobby
  • Players are able to obtain all new crystal armor, weapons and some new tools for skilling such as the crystal axe, pickaxe and harpoon

Everything you will need to know for the gauntlet: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/The_Gauntlet
A guide to completing the gauntlet: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gZx8B1QGNM

  God Sphere

  • The God sphere is an item that will only be available from The Gauntlet (1:500) and the Limited time donator shop for the next 2 weeks (only removed from the shop).
  • This cape slot item will allow players to levitate above the ground when worn and also offer a 10% droprate bonus as well as some high stats

  Bug fixes

  • Players can now view Completionist cape requirements by clicking the completionist cape rack
  • Issues causing theatre of blood to crash the server have been fixed
  • Raids 1 will now spawn the correct npcs again
  • Skotos (Skotizo's pet) will now be the correct monster again
  • Rapiers will now attack 1 tick faster

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