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Mod Divine

[10-11-19] Halloween Event 2019!

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Update Mini-Event:
The first 3 players to receive a full set of the glowing skeleton outfit will receive:
2x Halloween Mystery boxes
5x Donator tokens

Won by Nick, Group, Chris

The first player to obtain a full set of the Flashing skeleton outfit will receive:
2x Halloween Mystery boxes
10x Donator tokens

Won by Scared

The first player to obtain a full set of the Spooky skeleton outfit will receive:
3x Halloween Mystery boxes
15x Donator tokens
2x Death touch darts

Won by Scared

The first players to receive the first of each kind of pet (1 per player) will receive:
3x Halloween Mystery boxes
15x Donator tokens

Won by Goalz, Nick, Scared, Chris, Ghandi

The first player to receive a Spooky noxious weapon will receive:
5x Halloween Mystery boxes
A custom Pet token
25x Donator tokens

Won by Dup

It's been a whole year since our last halloween event and this year we are stepping it up with many more things to do and items to gain!

What's new

  • The Scythe of vitur & blood scythe of vitur will now attack npcs in a radius properly around the current npc attacked
  • Prices for the Dragonhunter lance and Infernal cape have been reduced in the donator shop
  • Custom pets for Dup and Hehe's have been finished. To receive a Custom pet, you must purchase a Pet token from the donator shop!

  Halloween event 2019
  Halloween Search

  • Players can talk to the grim reaper to receive a Locator orb which will allow them to track down the location of Ghosts and thier chests
  • Chests hold up to 50 pumpkins for a single player and are the currency used to spend in the Halloween chest next to the grim reaper
  • They are also used to finish the Grim reapers holiday task for 50 pumpkins
  • Players can use pumpkins as food as well!

  Halloween event boss

  • Players can right click the Halloween chest at home to be teleported to the Jack-o-kraken boss location
  • This boss is an easy boss, hitting a maximum of 10 with magic and drops a Halloween mystery box for each player in the fight
  • Players also have a chance to randomly be transformed into a Jack-o-bat for 15 ticks
  • He has 25,000HP and respawns in the same location every 5 minutes

  Halloween Mystery box

  •  Players can get this box from Grim's shop in the chest at home, The halloween event boss or from the donator shop

  Common (60% droprate | 60:100)
  XP lamp
  XP scrolls
  Skeleton outfit
  Uncommon (35% droprate | 35:100)
  Glowing skeleton outfit
  Flashing skeleton outfit
  Rare (4.5% droprate | 4.5:100)
  Spooky skeleton outfit
  Glowing h'ween mask
  Very Rare (0.5% droprate | 1:200)
  Spooky jack-o-ring
  nox scythe
  nox bow
  spooky hween mask
  glowing jack-o-bat
  spooky jack-o-bat
  lit jack-o-bat

  • The rings allow players to transform into a jack-o-bat or spooky jack-o-bat depending on the ring worn

 Spooky Noxious weapons

  • These weapons are powerful weapons that do damage equal to the regular versions found in the Halloween mystery box

 Spooky Twisted bow

  • This can be obtained for 100 donator tokens in the Limited time donator shop. Purchasing this also counts towards your donator rank!
  • It will be available until the halloween event ends

  Bug fixes

  • An issue causing the lightening during the boss fight in the gauntlet to lag players has been fixed
  • The second clarkeh in the south west wing of the home castle has been changed to llian, who will enchant crystal weapon, tool and armor seeds for you as well as the blade of saeldor

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Sweet update man all colors on the armor looks sick! Can't wait to get me a Scythe and Bow 😉. YEEAAAHH BOOOYYY the pets done!!!

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