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[10-24-19] Wilderness Revamped!

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Update Mini Event
*Players can only win each category ONCE but may win other rewards from other parts of the event freely!*

The first player to obtain a Shard of each kind from a Revenant will receive: (3 total winners)
2x Wilderness Keys

Blue,Red shard Claimed (Ghandi,Group)
The first player to obtain each piece of the Shadow lord armor will receive: (4 total including the shield)
1x Wilderness Keys

Shadow legs, Plate claimed (Ghandi, Odin)
The first player to obtain a full set of Shadow lord armor will receive:
3x Wilderness Keys

Won by Odin
The first player to defeat the Shadow lord will receive:
5x Wilderness Keys
50x Donator tokens

Won by Odin
The first player to receive a Sigil from the Shadow beast will receive:
4x Wilderness Keys

The first player to receive a Gem of Fortune from the Wilderness Chest will receive:
20x Donator tokens
3x Wilderness Keys

The first player to create the Luck of the Dwarves will receive:
30x Donator tokens
5x Wilderness keys

The first player to receive the Sword or Edicts from the Shadow lord will receive:
100x Donator tokens
10x Wilderness key

  Whats new

  • XP lamps now offer less xp than before
  • Theatre of blood droprates have been cut in half to be more similar to OSRS
  • Trials of Xeric rewards have been buffed
  • Players will now receive more Morrigans thrown axes + javelins when getting them as drops from Revenants
  • The Supreme void knight helmet will now work for all 3 combat styles (magic, rnage and melee). other helmets will no longer work
  • The Infernal sword attack spped is now the same as a Rapier again

  Wilderness Revamped
Previously, there were not too many reasons to enter the wilderness on Valius. That all changes now with this update! All wilderness activities will now be much more rewarding as well.
This update includes 7 new revenants to fight with new weapon upgrades and more + 2 new bosses dropping some top tier weaponswhile within the wilderness as well as a new Chest + 4 keys to collect and a new Impling to hunt for those skillers looking to gain prosper from the Revenants drop tables.

  New Revenants

  • A new revenant cave can be found East of the Wilderness agility course near the Mammoths
  • These Revenants are stronger, though they have the same combat as the other types of revenants
  • Attacks depend on what the player is praying (ie: pryaing mage will cause the revenant to use melee and ranged attacks)
  • They drop unique Shards used to upgrade the Craws bow, Thammarons sceptre and Viggoras chainmace, giving them a glowing trim

  Revenant Implings

  • The can be found randomly throughout the wilderness and offer potential Revenant drops for looting them
  • Players will need 77 Hunter to catch these

  Shadow Beast

  • The shadow beast is a New Wilderness boss similar to the Corperal beast but offers some unique new drops
  • Players can receive the Shadow lord battleaxe and Sigils to create 3 new Spirit shields with some unique effects explained below
  • The Shadow Beast will randomly spawn at 1 of 3 locations within the wilderness at a 1:50 chance after killing monsters within the Wilderness

  Shadow Lord

  • Players can summon the Shadow lord by Collecting 3 new pieces of armor from Callisto, Venenatis & Vet'ion (Helmet, Platebody, Platelegs) Once summoned, This boss will drop some unique drops such as the Sword of Edicts which is the most powerful sword to use within the wilderness
  • He will also commonly drop Keys used to open the Wilderness chest + some other useful items

  Wilderness Chest

  • 4 new keys dropped by The Shadow beast, Vetion, Venenatis & Calisto have been added to open the Wilderness chest located in the small house just East of the Mages Bank
  • Players can obtain some unique rewards such as the Gem of fortune used to upgrade the Ring of Wealth (i)
  • There is also a chance to receive 3 new Wilderness pets with unique perks

  New Weapons

  • 12 New weapons in total have been added for this update
  • The Shadow lord Battleaxe + Great battleaxe are 2 new T80 weapons dropped by several bosses & The wilderness chest
  • The Sword of edict is the new best in slot sword while within the wilderness, offering a 1:10 chance to hit 100% boosted damage and a 1:200 chance to K0 a monster while within the wilderness
  • Craws bow, Viggoras chainmace & Thammarons sceptre
  • 3 new versions of the Craws bow, Thammarons sceptre and Viggoras chainmace have been added and can be created by collecting the Shards dropped by the New revenants
  • Blue Flame effect : admits a glow sometimes that deals a high amount of damage effects only work in the wildernes
  • Burning Effect: Sets target a blaze sometimes bleeding damage for a few seconds
  • Toxic effect: envenoms target
  • Adding these shards to the weapons causes the weapons to emit a glow
  • These weapons do not need to be charged anymore once charged with 2500 ether when created

  New Armor

  • A new armor set called Dark lord armor consisting of a Helmet, Platebody, Platelegs and Kiteshield + a Great axe & Battleaxe
  • This new armor set has several uses, 1 being the Helmet, Plate and Legs used to summon the Dark lord
  • While wearing the Helmet, Plate and legs, it offers a set bonus acting as an infinite Bracelet of ethereum as well as reducing 25% of all dmg within the wilderness
  • The shield has the bonuses of the Divine spirit shield and offers a 5% boost over the divine spirit shield protection while in the wilderness

  New Spirit Shields

  • Players do not need to be in the wilderness for these effects to take place
  • 3 new spirit shields dropped by the Shadow beast have been added in-game.
  • The Shadow spirit shield has a 1:6 chance to shoot out a large burst of darkness reflecting 25% damage and sending up to 20 damage on the opponent
  • The Reflective spirit shield reflects 15% of damage back at the opponent 100% of the time with a 1:6 chance to send 25% of damage taken back at the opponent
  • The Siphon spirit shield has a 1:6 chance to block 25% of all incoming damage and heal for 15% of that damage taken

  New Rings
Ring of Fortune

  • Players obtain this ring by obtaining the Gem of fortune from the Wilderness chest and combining it with the Ring of wealth (i)
  • This ring ofers a +1% Droptate bonus over the ring of wealth (16% total) and offers all the stats of the imbued Dagannoth king rings

Luck of the Dwarves

  • Players obtain this ring by obtaining the Gem of the dwarves from the Theatre of Blood and combining it with the Ring of Fortune
  • This ring ofer a +1 droprate bonus over the Ring of fortune (17% total) and offers +1 to bonuses over the Ring of Fortune

Hazelmere's signet

  • This ring is obtained by getting the Hazelmere's Gem as a very rare drop from any monster over level 100 at a 1:30,000 chance. Use the gem on the Dwarves ring to make Hazelmeres ring.
  • This ring offers a +3 droprate bonus (20% total) over the Luck of Dwarves and +2 bonuses over the Ring of Dwarves.
  • This ring is the best ring in-game to this date

  New Pets + Perks
3 new pets have been added to the Wilderness chest as Rare rewards. These pets will offer some new perks other than droprate boosts when they are summoned

  • Pet Derwen will protect and extra 2 items while within the wilderness if you die
  • Pet Porazdir will allow you to teleport out of the wilderness up to level 35
  • Pet Justiciar zachariah will half  the effect of Teleblock and Freezes when cast on you


  Bug fixes

  • The skotos pet will no longer summon a giant skotoizo pet
  • uncommon relics from rev drops dont work
  • Craws bow no longer needs arrows
  • Craws bow damage has been adjusted
  • Zenyte bow no longer needs arrows
  • Infernal weapons (i) now have proper stats and work 100%
  • Thammarons sceptre will now autocast ancients and will hit proper damage vs monsters within the wilderness
  • The bracelet of ethereum will now uncharge properly when running out of charges
  • The bracelet of ethereum will now lose charges when the npc attacks the player rather than the player attacking the npc

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Noice, these updates are very interesting. A lot of people will be happy 🙂

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This update is so massive I don't think I'll be able to eat it all.

What are the drop rates on the wilderness keys?

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