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Hehe's Raids Super Rare Drop log

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Hello, I will be uploading the rare item drops from raids I have gotten in the past and also the drops I will get in the future. I will mainly post ones I have screen shots for, for some I might just add in because of how awesome they were.

I don't have a screen shot of my first Twisted Bow but i got super lucky and got a Tbow within my first 10 raids!

It took me awhile to get my 2nd Tbow drop, it was at raid KC 222. 


I have gotten a few rare drops in between Tbow drops but none of them compared to a Tbow 😝.

Now I'm not exactly sure what raid kc i got this Tekton pet, but its somewhere in between when i got my 1st Tbow and me getting my 2nd Tbow.


I believe the Tekton pet I own is currently the only one in-game. I have also gotten Vasa as a drop from COX but i did not get a screen shot of it r.i.p. .

This one was a big daddy drop, got me a Zbow drop from TOX raids. I don't know what raid kc I was on when i got this drop as well 😕


I added this one in because I don't see many Xeric's armor drops and this is currently the only piece I own.


And it only took me 601 raids to get it 😄.

This is my most recent Super Rare drop from raids.


I received my 3rd Tbow at raid KC 682.

I've been blessed with drops from raids, and I am currently going for 1,000 KC on COX if you want to raid in-game with me just ask IGN - Hehes.

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17 hours ago, Hunter said:

Must be nice to be a nerd.

Lets see those TOB drops you've gotten. 😉

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I was there. 😄 Goodluck on 1k I'm sure ill join you for some soon.

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