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Mod Divine

[11-19-19] Hotfixes for yday + New Reskins

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Solaks Health has been raised to 10,000 to accomodate for how rare his drops are
Droprates have been adjusted so players will now receive more Scales from Solak

 Seren godbow skins
The skins can be purchased from the donator store for 50 tokens each
While one of these skins are equipped to the bow, Charges will no longer be drained or needed

  Bug fixes
Players will no longer be able to exceed the maximum amount of starter kits
Imbued maxcapes will now have thier droprate bonuses
Serenic str bonus has been removed
The amulet of Anguish now offers a 5% raneg bonus
The ghrazi rapier strength bonus has been raised from 105 to 125
Players can now read All master clue scrolls

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