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Mod Divine

[11-29-19] Weapons and Armor Rebalanced

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Update Event:
*Post proof of winning below*

The first players to collect 1 of each piece of Shadow lord armor will receive:
3x Valius mystery boxes

The first player to receive a pet drop from the starter dungeon will receive:
2x Valius mystery boxes

Claimed by Korin

The first person to obtain a Craws bow, Thammarons sceptre or Viggoras chainmace from revenants will receive:
2x Blood mystery boxes

Won by Korin

The first player to receive a pet while Runecrafting will receive:
1x Pet mystery box

The first player to receive a pet while Hunting will receive:
1x Pet mystery box

The first 2 players to receive a Rare reward in Raids 1 will receive:
2x Raid Mystery boxes

Claimed by (Vr 8, Bispridelas)

  What's new

  • The model for the Infernal chest has been changed to a better looking one
  • Drops for Revenant Implings have been adjusted. Players will now also need 92 Hunter to catch them
  • The price of Valius mystery boxes has been adjusted, Blood mystery boxes will no longer display as "Unnamed"

  Weapon and Armor rebalance

  • A majority of the Weapons and armor have been rebalanced to better fit into the servers tier system
  • Players can check weapon and armor Requirements in the skill guides of the skill menu
  • Perks have been switched to Special attacks for Infernal Weapons, Infernal (i) weapons
  • The zilyana's godbow, Zamorak godbow, Bandos godbow and Saradomin godbow
  • Infernal weapons and the Zilyana's godbow will drain 25% of special attack bar (Infernal staff will be delayed for its spec)
  • Zamorak, Bandos and Saradomin godbows will drain 50% of the special attack bar

  Bug fixes

  • Casket ids for eveyr 10 raids has been fixed
  • Brimhaven moss giants on moss giant island now count as Karamja diary tasks
  • Players will now be able to open Super potion box sets to receive 10x super att,str and def pots
  • Several Slayer requirements have been fixed on some bosses
  • The object ID for the rune essense mine has been fixed and can now be mined
  • The special attack bar has been fixed and will now display properly
  • The Korasi special attack will now display its hit graphic on hit rather than as the attack goes off
  • Players can now summon the Shadow lord by using the full shadowlord armor set on the altar
  • The Shadow lord now has 1600 HP rather than 3000 HP
  • The shadow lords respawn timer has been fixed and he will not respawn unless you sacrifice another set of shadow lord armor
  • Fixed the gate to Canifis swamp for a clue scroll
  • Added the Varrock gate to the boneman area for a clue scroll
  • The attack speed of crossbows has been adjusted properly
  • While wearing the Luck of Dwarves Players will now have a 1:30,000 chance to receive the Hazelmeres signet as a drop from any monster
    (Hazelmeres signet ring < Luck of Dwarves ring < Ring of fortune < Ring of wealth (i) < Ring of wealth)
    A Guide on how to obtain all rings has been posted in the guide section of the forums or discord

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