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Mod Divine

[12-09-19] New weapon skins + Corp fixes and more

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Update Event:

The first player to receive a Rare drop from the Alchemical Hydra will receive:
2x Raid mystery boxes
2x Deathtouch darts

Winner: Chef

The first 3 players to receive a rare drop from Zulrah will receive:
2x Raid mystery boxes
2x Deathtouch darts

1 claimed (Hunter)

The first 2 players to receive a rare drop from the Corporeal beast will receive:
2x Raid Mystery boxes
  2x Deathtouch darts

What's new

  • Alchemical hydra and Zulrah are now SAFE bosses (you will not lose items)
  • The sack of effigies is a new item added to the donator store with a perk offering players a better chance to receive Elite and Master clue scrolls
  • The Christmas event is under works, meanwhile SNOW has come to Valius! players can collect and throw snowballs around the home area
  • Run energy has been adjusted so that graceful and halos are actually useful (+ other items)
  • Run energy will now be effected by your agility level. depending on your level, it will drain more slowly
    (ex: on average you lose 4 less Stamina at 99 agility compared to someone with 1 agility for a 15 block run)
  • EUkNyv0.png

  New weapon skins:

  • These weapon skins can currently be purchased from the donator store
  • Blood boogie bow
  • Blood staff of obliteration
  • Blood scythe of vitur
  • Blood justiciar armor
  • Gilded sanguinesti staff
  • Gilded ghrazi rapier
  • Gilded twisted bow

   Bug fixes

  • Corperal beast will no longer null the server or spawn invisible cores
  • Item skin names have been properly fixed and will no longer be considered a noted item
  • Stats on the sirenic boots have been adjusted properly
  • The candlemaker will now be back in the catherby candle shop for the Kandarin diary to purchase a candle
  • th non-hostile npcs in the catacombs will no longer attack players
  • The Decimation bow will now have its berserk perk back
  • The boogie bow, annihilation, obliteration and decimation weapons will now do proper damage against corp
  • Cave horrors will now count towards your diary task
  • The ethereum bracelet will now properly block damage against all revenants
  • Damage for craws bow upgraded while within the wildy has been fixed

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