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Mod Divine

A Message to the Community

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Hello everyone, as you may have noticed i haven't been around too often as of lately, i have spoken to the staff chat and I'm sure they've made everyone aware but I've decided after 4+ years working in the rsps scene it's about time to move on to bigger, better things. My main goal when i started was to learn enough to eventually create my own game but before i did that, i needed some experience and i needed to learn a lot of things. Runescape took up a lot of my time when i was younger and i knew a lot about the game, i was also aware of the rsps scene so i figured it would be a great place to start and learn a few things. With the help of some great people, I was able to learn so much and it was an amazing experience as well. The people who played my servers also have a big hand in this as I've been able to stay motivated for such a long period of time and learn so much as you guys did have some great suggestions. I can't thank you guys enough for this experience.

I've ran Valius for about 16 months now which in my opinion is huge in the RSPS scene, not many server break the 3 month mark. I've also been searching for someone to take over my position and continue here at Valius. For those wondering, the VPS was paid on the 8th and will continue until the 8th (unless someone is to take over). From there on out Valius will be Offline until someone decides to take the torch.

A few months back i began working with Unity. For a while i enjoyed it but decided i would try out Unreal Engine. I began working more and more with unreal until i eventually stopped looking at Unity all together and came to the realization Unreal was my place. At this point i began becoming less and less motivated to work on RSPS, i was basically working on it in the end for you guys as i did not enjoy it at all. I wasn't learning too much as most things i was doing weren't even new to me anymore and a big part of it for me was doing new things, i Enjoyed learning. At first Unreal was just a background project, Valius was still my main priority. After a while i became more interested in the project and eventually (a few weeks back) i began working on the project much more heavily as i noticed things starting to come together and i suppose i hit my learning curve for unreal at that point, ultimately unmotivating me to work on Valius as what I've been building towards this whole time was finally achievable and within grasp.

With all that said, That doesnt mean i plan to "Ghost" like so many RSPS Developers before me, We have built an amazing community together, one of the most toxic-free communities I've seen in the RSPS scene and i believe that it doesn't have to end here. With me finishing with RSPS, That means I'll be moving on to creating a new game, a better one that i can shape more freely without the limitations of someone elses assets (RS's Assets).

I created a new Discord group for the new project that I'll be working on. feel free to join and Follow/Support it!

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